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“Greatest ideas are often met with violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Albert Einstein.

Welcome to Python for STEM!    


Python is a modern script programming language that has attracted attention due to its easiness in coding. Python is an interpreted language and can be easily installed in computers running Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Python has a wide spectrum of scientific libraries, which makes coding efficient and fast. The most used scientific libraries are the following: NumPySciPyMatplotlib, and Sci-Kit-Learn.


Innovation is what drives the development of the knowledge-based economy. Most of the innovation is highly dependent o STEM skills. Therefore new tools dedicated to STEM education are necessary. These tools can bring new approaches to teach STEM subjects.

The purpose of this site is twofold:

First, to develop Python scripts to be used to analyze systems related to Science (Natural Sciences), Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Second, prior to the coding section of each text of this site, we have a brief explanation of the principles of the subject of the coding. We expect to encourage those involved in STEM education to make use of Python to get further insights on the system being simulated by the Python code. The flexibility of Python makes possible for anyone with basic skills in programming to test different scenarios for the system being analyzed through a Python program.

We expect that this site can be used by undergraduate and graduate students of any STEM-related course.