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Installing Python 

You need to have Python 3 installed on your computer to run the scripts described here. In addition, you also need NumPyMatplotlibscikit-learn, and SciPy. You can make the installation process easier by installing pyzo. While installing them, let's the music play...   

Step 1. Install the Pyzo IDE (download for   Windows    Linux   Mac OS X)

Step 2. Install Python environment (download for   Windows   Linux   Mac OS X

Step 3. Install Scientific packages needed to run the scripts described here. Open Pyzo IEP. To run Pyzo IEP (Windows), go to c:\Program Files (x86)\pyzo directory and you will have the pyzo IEP. Double click on pyzo.

In the Pyzo’s shell (IEP), type the following commands:     

     conda install numpy

After finishing NumPy installation, type:

    conda install scipy pyqt matplotlib 

    conda install scikit-learn

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